Lexi. 17. Lost.


Was bullied throughout high school for being openly gay, got cheated on by 99.9% of my ex girlfriends, but in between it all, I’ve managed to follow my dreams of working for Disney, being featured on MTV, attending Teen Vogue’s Fashion University and here I finally am, graduating college with a job at Google and still a firm believer that it gets better. I hope I’m right. And I hope you all will follow me on my journey in finding out!xoxo,Glen Coco
"I fucking love you.
Please love me back.
I need you more than anything,
But I’m about to give up.
Because it hurts so bad.
I don’t want to feel this.
Please notice me.
I’m dying.
I can’t breath.
Love me."
I love you more than I love myself. August 10, 2014 (via youcunttouchme)
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